Miami, FL

At Del Sur Artisan Eats

We believe in serving “honest food,” meaning, food kept in its simplest form prepared hand-made, tasting homemade, and presented exquisitely without altering each ingredients natural state. Since 2011, Del Sur has been the living vision of co-owners Hernan Stutzer and Chef Alberto Llano, rustic Argentinian/Italian artisan cuisine served with select boutique/local wines and sensual baked goods and desserts prepared by our in-house pastry chef.

Del Sur’s artisan eats are always prepared with love and care, just like nonna and abuela, bursting with robust home-cooked flavors and seasonings directly from our homegrown herbs and vegetables in our urban garden. Our handmade pasta will take you back to a simpler time, when food preparation was a passion and a necessity, always made with love.

We welcome you as a part of our family and our staff will make you feel at home with their impeccable service.

Planning a party, gathering or get together?

From small affairs to large events we customize a menu tailored to your specific requests.
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Food and Wine Pairing Events

Come and enjoy delicious food paired with great wines every first Tuesday of the month.
Next event June 3rd 2014.