Del Sur Artisan Eats

At Del Sur Artisan Eats we focus on producing gourmet food paired with great service and great ambience. We call our cuisine “honest food”.  Food is kept in its simplest form, without altering its natural state. This is at the core of our beliefs. Our love of food has inspired us to open up our kitchen for your enjoyment.

Patrons can enjoy delicious artisan sandwiches, homemade soups, a variety of salads, and fresh steaks, fish, and organic chicken grilled to perfection.

We offer exquisite baked goods, cakes, and desserts by our talented, in-house pastry chef.  In addition to our food, we carry an array of boutique wines from small producers. We guarantee that by the time you leave Del Sur you will have had a true culinary experience.

This is why we invite you to come and taste “honest food” at its best.

Catering Information 

From small affairs to large events we customize a menu tailored to your specific requests.

Food and Wine Pairing Events

Come and enjoy delicious food paired with great wines every second Tuesday of the month.